Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My brain is fried...

Okay not really, but we had a full day today. Made the treck to Toronto. Got a good sense of commisioning. Lots to learn but got a sense of the kinds of things I'll be dealing with. First site was in a huge home/office in a residential area. Second was the Regent Park buildings. Attended a interesting site meeting. All the engineers and trades together. Fighting as to who is responsible for unfinished business. Very interesting.

Felt a bit overwhelmed but, Gezim is constantly trying to explain things. Uka and I will play around with controls in the office tomorrow. Big learning curve. Have to remind myself it is only day two.

Monday, May 4, 2009

First day...

Well, every journey begins with a first step. Today was the first step. Attended a 2 hour management meeting and actually contributed. Seems like most young companies. Mine is facing growing pains. The main problem of course is communication. My take on the whole this is communication needs to be pulled not pushed. More importantly, it requires buy-in from all members of the team and the tools to do it properly. Tools that are simple to use and accessible to everyone... everywhere. I suggested Google Docs. I will look at presenting more details at the next meeting in a week's time.

Seems some things never change. I hope my experience can help.

Organized my office and clean out a lot. Now it's nicely neat and organized. I can start with a clean slate. My computer still requires setting up but I already got a crackberry. I have to figure out how to use it.

Tomorrow in T dot with Gezim and Uka. First look at commisioning. :)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome to the Smart Buildings-BAS blog...

Hi, my name is Thomas Wolfe. This blog has been created to document my journey. The journey's focus is on Building Automations Systems. I hope I can offer lots of revelant and helpful information on BAS. Having just been hired as a technician, I will attempt to share all the knowledge and experiences I gain over my time becoming what I hope to be a creative BAS expert technician. I intend to add lots of images and video when possible.

Share in my successes and failures. I will endeavor to make my post simple and fun. I'm leaving comments on so that you the reader can be a part of what I expect will be a wild ride!

Join me and together we can spread enthusiasm for BAS all over the globe!